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Artist Photographer


WTC Art Gallery, Rotterdam

Sept. 2013

In the photographs of Dicky Brand human traces are reduced to the barest minimum. Nature withdraws from human presence, which is transient.

The photographs are timeless exposures of a landscape that never changes and yet is never the same.

Even more than about the passage of time, the photos are about the changing light, in its purest form, reflected by waves under a landscape of clouds.

Museum MORE

foto: © Michael Buccino

Gallery ZERP, Rotterdam

Salon d' hiver, Dec. 2019 - Jan. 2020

The annual 'Salon d'Hiver' in Gallery ZERP, Rotterdam.

Following the example of the famous French salons, the entire exhibition space is filled with photography, paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Museum MORE, Gorssel

Het lage trage land, May - Sept. 2018

A 'typical Dutch' photography exhibition with the works of 21 artists that shows the Netherlands from a great height, zooming in through landscape, to town and village. Work by (internationally) renowned and also young photographers and artists.

Galerie van Kranendonk, Den Haag

Mudflats and Tankers, Sept. 2015

Dicky Brand has made a series of photographs on one of the West Frisian islands in the North of The Netherlands.

She has a sensitive eye for the quality of these landscapes

where sun, clouds, morning dew and dense fog paint the sky and the light reflects on the mudflats.

She has caught these impressive moments by coming back each time, waiting patiently for the right conditions and by knowing what to expect.

Gallery ZERP

WTC Art Gallery

Gallery van Kranendonk


KunstRAI, Amsterdam

Galerie Zerp / stand 86 work in stock, 03 - 07 May 2023

PAN, Amsterdam

Galerie Zerp / stand 128 in stock, 20 - 27 Nov. 2022

Sugarcoated Dusk

Dare to go North

Ring the Bells

KunstRAI, Amsterdam

Galerie Zerp / stand 84 in stock, 13 - 18 Apr. 2022

Just for a moment, with my boots deep in the mud,

I saw Leonard Cohen's song 'Anthem'

reflected in the tide.

Ring the bells

Dare to go North